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Introduction To Mantra And Sound Healing Mini Retreat

Introduction to Mantra and Sound Healing Mini Retreat

Event Phone: 203-483-3140

  • Introduction to Mantra and Sound Healing Mini Retreat
    May 26, 2018
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm

In this challenging time of the barrage of devastating life events and natural disasters in the global community and the hail storm of negative verbal assaults coming from so many directions taking refuge in the highest vibrational frequencies ever given to humanity by the ancient sages of India offers relief and strength to hang onto the Light and keep spreading the positive healing force of sound and mantra through intention and practice.  In this powerful Mini Retreat we will explore the power of sound and mantras to heal and uplift ourselves and others. Because we will be moving out of an intense and potentially Earth shaking period astrologically in the 10 days prior to this Mini Retreat, the original half day design is being expanded to a full day to allow us to learn more, experience more and heal ourselves, our Earth and Humanity. Come ready to listen, chant very powerful healing mantras, experience the healing vibrations of Himalayan bowls, learn the traditional ways of mantra practice, and receive a healing mantra to begin a 40 day practice with.

Please be prepared to give Dr. Judith you time, date and  place of birth prior to the Mini Retreat so she can determine your Shakti Swarupa Body Type.

This Mini Retreat is a prerequisite for all healers registering for the Shakti Swarupa Advanced Healer Training Program.

Registration Deadline is May 15th.


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