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Law Of Attraction In Action: Becoming A Manifestation Magnet Mini Retreat

Law of Attraction in Action: Becoming a Manifestation Magnet Mini Retreat

  • Becoming a Manifestation Magnet
    March 31, 2018
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Moving from core values to core life intentions, goals and action plans is one of the major stumbling blocks in manifesting both the life of our dreams and the abundance of everything we need and more. In this third, and last, of the Law of Attraction in Action Mini Retreat series we will learn how to create life intentions, goals and action plans that work to bring us into collaboration with the Creative Power of the Universe to manifest them. We will discover how our attitude and understanding of the manifestation process either supports or blocks the flow of energy toward the manifestation of even the smallest of goals, and how to  do a mid course adjustment to bring us into the flow of creation and achievement. We will also learn some ancient secrets of manifesting through the power of sound and mantra that will transform us into manifestation magnets!

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