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Manifesting Abundance…the Shakti Swarupa Prosperity Protocol

Manifesting Abundance…the Shakti Swarupa Prosperity Protocol

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  • Manifesting Abundance...the Shakti Swarupa Prosperity Protocol
    June 20, 2016
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Manifesting Abundance….the Shakti Swarupa Prosperity Protocol.   Manifesting an abundance of all we need and more is all about intention and removing the conscious and unconscious obstacles to closing the gap between our intention and goals and the manifesting of them in our lives. The key to creating intentions and goals that draw power to them is presented. A group energetic healing to remove obstacles and align participants with the principle of abundance and manifestation in the Universe  is offered for the entire group during this session.  Mantra practice with the Lakshmi mantra is explained and instructions are given with the mantra. A guided meditation and visualization to align ourselves with the Indian goddess Lakshmi, the principal of abundance is offered at the end of the session. This workshop fee is $15.  Regisration Deadline: June 17.  Access Codes will be supplied when registration confirmation is received…..

This is the third of 4 sessions in the Shakti Swarupa Monday Mini Series Teleseminar Workshops. Register here on the Events page for the entire series by June 3 and receive a discount.

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