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Shakti Swarupa Immune System Strengthening Teleseminar 4/9/20

Shakti Swarupa Immune System Strengthening Teleseminar 4/9/20

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  • Shakti Swarupa Immune System Strengthening 5 Teleseminar package
    April 9, 2020
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

During this time of challenge and crisis, many people have been turning to me for advice on how to manage their fears and strengthen their mind, body and spirit in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. I, like all of you, have been watching this pandemic move around the world so rapidly that very few countries and people are prepared to meet the challenge of the impact of this disease and its rapid spread. The only thing that stands out other than the panic, is that prevention is what helps. Many behaviors are being encouraged….frequent handwashing, social distancing (including large scale shutdowns, lockdowns and regional containments to slow the progress of the coronavirus). But the big question still remains…..what can we do to individually maximize our chances of making it through this and minimizing the death threat of the disease?  There is a simple answer…… strengthen your own immune system. Unfortunately, most people are not sure how to do that. At best we know that diet, supplements, exercise, avoiding stress, and getting rest can help. In times like these, when fear and panic buying of toilet paper and bananas are all around  us how do we maintain balance and not panic with the rest of the people in our lives…. and how do we do that alone when we are isolated in our homes having minimal contact with others who are freaking out on social media, or watching and listening to the rapidly unfolding crisis on television as the breaking news gives updates on the numbers of cases and the numbers of deaths in our own regions and around the world.

Because I am a long time mental health clinician, crisis response clinician and Master Teacher and Energetic Healer in the Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing ( an ancient Yogic paradigm of healing) I started asking some key questions in meditation about what would help people the most right now. The answer was consistent and solid: ENERGETICALLY STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, ALL OTHER SYSTEMS IMPACTED BY THE DISEASE, AND THE MIND, EMOTIONS AND SPIRIT OF  AS MANY INDIVIDUALS AS YOU CAN.  The only way I can follow that command is to offer ongoing teleseminars at inexpensive rates for people to repeatedly call in to so I can do this for as many people as possible every other week for as long as is necessary to get us through this. There are some pretty amazing protocols that I will lead you through during these teleseminars…..protocols that have saved my life in the face of MRSA and 4 of MRSA’s buddies (leveled me after responding for two weeks into a hospital that was directly impacted by the Sandy Hook school shootings), being poisoned by polymers in a temporary denture relining back in June 2019, having a life threatening toxic reaction to a post surgery pain medication in October 2019, etc.  These same protocols have saved the lives of several close relatives and friends who became septic as a result of infections and a number of clients as well. I am choosing the most powerful of the Advanced Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing Protocols to run with the entire group! The neat thing about these protocols is that I can actually do that for everyone who is hearing me on the phone line. Your entire family can be in the room listening and receive this and you are paying only for yourself! Of course you can have them chip in and share the fee with you if you like.

I will also be leading you through several very meditative healing protocols to balance you out and calm you down.  Remember…. Stress decreases the resilience of your body to fight off disease, so part of what I will be doing with you is helping you to connect with that place inside of you that is still and peaceful and strong in the face of crisis.

I know that you must be wondering how I can do all of this in a 90 minute teleseminar. The protocols do it. I just run you through them and they open the doors for you to receive an enormous amount of healing energy that is just waiting to flood into you and strengthen every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual part of you. Five teleseminars are currently scheduled for 3/26, 4/9, 4/23, 5/7 and 5/21 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. EDT  To help the maximum number of participants one individual registering from any household may place the call on speaker phone and others in the household may participate. Please remember CDC gathering protocols… more than 10 in a location.



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