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Review 10 Level 1 Certification Requirements

1.  Completion of all current Shakti Swarupa Modules and demonstration of having met all guidelines, practice standards and expectations set for Shakti Swarupa Advanced Healer Students communicated and in classes.  

2. 150 hours of supervised documented practice on others in the year following the last module. 20 of those hours must be community service which can include:

Participation in Shakti Swarupa Group Healing Sessions.
Work with animal rescue and shelter animals to help the animals with both physical and nonphysical issues. Permission must be given by the rescue or shelter coordinators.
Participating in Shakti Swarupa Lecture/ Demonstrations.
Participating in Shakti Swarupa Free Clinics.
Offering some time at  a senior center to teach the Shakti Swarupa Spiral Exercises to Seniors and Staff. 
Hospice volunteer work where you gain permission to do energetic healing to ease both the suffering and the transition of the hospice patients and their family members. Note: this will often entail taking the volunteer training for the hospice you are approaching.
Doing an approved lecture/demonstration for a small group of coworkers, family, friends. Your lecture content must be submitted prior to doing this.

3. Daily  meditation of at least 1 hour (may be two half hours sessions). This can include your Advanced Protocol. Documented.

4.  Daily practice of the Advanced Protocol and the Shakti Swarupa Spiral Exercises. Documented.

5.  Daily documentation of work on yourself. Identify the issue, what you have done to work on it, and the results.

6.  Daily check ins to the Shakti Swarupa Chat both for updates from Judith and requests from her and other students for help/support.

7.  Participation in monthly group supervision sessions to present cases. 

8.  Participation in at least 3 Lecture Demonstrations or Group Healing Sessions and 2 Free Clinics over the next 6-8 months.

9.  Submission of documentation for review, as requested.

10.  Additional requirements may be added either individually or in the group in order to assure that you are mastering your skills. 

Assistance is provided in recruiting clients for practicum hours.

If for any reason you choose not to complete these requirements in the sequence set up for your cohort, there will not be an opportunity to certify until the next round of training begins, and you may then be required to repeat all of the existing modules and the practicum experience with the next group, or a Refresher Course when it is offered.
If you choose not to complete the certification requirements you will not be approved to practice Shakti Swarupa Advanced Healing on anyone other than yourself and close friends or family. For those of you intending to integrate this into other professional work, you will be barred from doing that. Any violation of this will be considered unprofessional and you will be barred from all future updates and trainings, as well as future levels of certification. 


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