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Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing Advanced
3-Year Training Program

The Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing is truly a path. It is different from a method or set of techniques in that it is grounded in the ancient and traditional understandings and body of knowledge of the Yoga philosophies, practices and healing paradigms. For this reason, students are required to commit to the entire training program at the beginning and take all 8 modules in sequence with their training cohort. 

To become a certified Shakti Swarupa practitioner, students must also commit to a year-long practicum experience following the completion of the 8 training modules. The certification track is designed for students who intend to integrate Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing practices into their professional work as energetic healers, health care providers and mental health clinicians.  Students wishing to work on themselves, family members and friends are not required to commit to the practicum experience and may not charge professional fees for their work.

What You Will Learn

You will learn about the kundalini/chakra/nadi system as the foundation for all healing and the philosophical and energetic foundations for creation and dissolution of all that exists back into pure consciousness. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that are holding you, (and those you assist in their journey), back from experiencing health, strength and spiritual development. Also included are:

The power and use of crystals in healing. This includes how to energetically dissolve negativities that crystals absorb, create and use crystal essences in the healing work, and use crystals to balance and energize physical spaces.
How to determine your own and your clients’ Shakti Swarupa Body Type. This includes how to use this information to balance the chakras and chakra regions; develop guidelines for diets, exercise and the use of crystals and crystal essences; and use of herbs and essential oils in strengthening and integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
Advanced energetic healing and strengthening protocols for such specific issues as severe resistant and spreading diseases like AIDS, COVID-19, cancer and antibiotic resistant bacterial infections; chronic infections; grief; trauma and manifesting abundance and prosperity–and more as they are channeled and developed.
The understanding and use of mantra and sound in healing and spiritual development.
Powerful practices for taking care of you, the healer, as you serve others.

The Training Program

All of the above topics and more are included in a  3-year Shakti Swarupa Training Program for Advanced Healers.  No more than six advanced healers will be accepted into any cohort.  The  8 training modules are sequenced in such a way that each builds on the next.  They are spread out over a  2-year period of time in order to provide practice and coaching sessions in the months between the modules.  All modules are two days, or the equivalent.  Presently, all modules are face-to-face, on-site, in Connecticut.  Practice and Coaching seminars are offered in the months in between modules and are offered both face-to-face and on line.  

The sequence of modules is as follows:

1.  Shakti Swarupa Foundations and Basic Protocol - 2 days + practice day

2. Sacred Geometry in Healing and Manifesting - 2 days + practice day

3. Crystals in Balancing, Strengthening, and Healing - 2 days + practice day

4. Shakti Swarupa Body Type Analysis, Diet and Exercise - 2 days + practice      day

5. Herbs and Essential Oils; Partners in Strengthening, Balancing and Healing - 2 days + practice day

6. Mantra and Sound Healing - 2 days + practice day

7. Shakti Swarupa Advanced Protocols I - 2 days + practice day

8. Shakti Swarupa Advanced Protocols II* - 2 days + practice day

 * As additional advanced protocols are developed post Advanced Healer Training modules will be offered and be made available to all students who have completed this program.

Shakti Swarupa Practicum

Required for certified practitioner status. Participation in monthly day long Practicum Group Session devoted to case presentations and refinement of energetic healing skills. Additional practicum/certification requirements include:  

Free clinic experience (2 days)
Participation in both face-to-face and online participation in introductory programs and theme specific Shakti Swarupa offerings to the public
Participation and assisting in introductory/prerequisite mini retreats and classes for the pubic, both face-to-face and online
Receiving assistance in recruiting clients to offer Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing work to in order to acquire the necessary hours for certified practitioner status
Individual coaching as needed 

*As additional advanced protocols are developed, optional day-long workshops will be added to cover them for an additional training fee.

During the 3 years of training, I am always available to answer students’ questions through e-mail and phone and online conferencing platforms.  Any Shakti Swarupa Group Healing seminars that I offer during this training period will be available to students, free of charge, for energetic assistance with issues, observation and practice. You will also be welcomed to participate in the free Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing Introductory seminars.

Shakti Swarupa Advanced Healer Training Prerequisites

The following seminars, courses, workshops and experiences are designed to prepare those who have little or no background in energetic healing work to become students in the Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing Advanced Healer 3-Year Training Program. Prospective students may also show evidence of Reiki I and II training with a reputable Reiki Teaching Master, and years of yoga and meditation practice to meet these prerequisites. Acceptance to the training program is at the discretion of the Master Teacher upon interviewing the prospective student.

Reiki I and II and documentation of 100 hrs. of practice at each level..
Meditation for Daily Living Basic Course and Advanced 3 Mini Retreat Series.
Law of Attraction in Action day-long seminar or mini retreat series.
Shakti Swarupa Body Type Analysis and Life Style Planning Mini Retreat.
Introduction to Mantra and Sound Healing 2 Mini Retreat Series.
Crystals in Balancing, Strengthening and Healing Body, Mind and Spirit 2 Mini Retreat Series.
 Submission of log of ongoing Reiki practice on self and others.
Participation in an Introduction to Shakti Swarupa seminar.
Participation in two Shakti Swarupa Group Healing seminars, face-to-face programs, or one to one healing sessions with Dr. Judith or one of her certified practitioners.
Application and interview for Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing Advanced Healer Training Program.

Included in the Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing Advanced Training Program

Students accepted into the training program agree to:

Attendance and participation in all 8 modules in sequence.
Active participation in practice and coaching seminars.
Regular weekly practice of protocols on yourself and others during the training period.
Regular practice of healer self-care practices taught in the modules over the  training period. 
Journaling of experiences and results of protocol practices.
Developing a set of Body Type Chakra Balancing crystals over the training period.
Agreement not to teach any of the Shakti Swarupa material to others. 
Current and past Advanced Students will be invited to participate in the prerequisite program offerings to begin to learn how to develop and teach these programs.

Fee And Payment Terms

The combined fee for the 8 modules, 8 practice days, all manuals and the Practicum experience, coaching and individual consultations as needed during the 3-year training is $7,500.00.  This fee may be paid in one initial payment or in $2,500.00 installments due 2 months prior to the beginning of each training year.  Payments can be made through PayPal or any credit card you choose.  

How to Apply

Click the button and complete the form if you have completed prerequisite requirements (specified above) and would like to apply for consideration in the Advanced Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing 3-year Training Program. 


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