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Experience your full potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through Shakti Swarupa

Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing is a gift from the ancient Masters of Yoga. Shakti is the Supreme Power of Creation and Dissolution in the Universe. Swarupa is truth, or knowledge of one’s own true Self. Thus, the Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing encourages each individual to recognize and experience his or her own full potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through the dissolving of obstacles, karmic memories and triggers that activate old patterns and issues.

Who Benefits, Modalities, and Advanced Healer Training

Who Benefits from Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing  

The healing and empowering benefits of Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing are available to all through a series of seminars and workshops, individual energetic healing and coaching sessions, introductory teleseminars and face-to-face presentations, and group healing sessions.

Modalities of Shakti Swarupa

Practitioners of Shakti Swarupa facilitate wellness and healing using an integrated combination of modalities of energetic healing that include sacred geometry, crystals and their essences, chakra balancing, body type and diet analysis, mantra and sound healing. The information and the protocols for energetic healing continue to expand as Dr. Judith, the master teacher of Shakti Swarupa receives it in meditation and the small core group of current student/practitioners apply this ancient knowledge.

Advanced Training for Healers

Currently only advanced energetic healers are being invited to train in this path because its comprehensive and integrated knowledge demands that students be fully grounded in energetic healing work before moving to the next level of commitment as healers. For those who are drawn to learn Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing work participation in a series of prerequisite seminars, workshops and healing sessions and experiences are designed to help establish the discipline and energetic healing background necessary to understand, absorb and practice the teachings.

Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing is for Everyone!

The healing and empowering practices of Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing are available for you to experience and integrate into your life! You do not have to be a yoga practitioner to begin to receive the benefits of the practices and energetic healing work of Shakti Swarupa. You can begin with participation in free introductory Shakti Swarupa teleseminars where you learn about this path and experience a guided chakra balancing meditation, and then choose your next steps based on your interest, need or inclination. Your choices include:

Shakti Swarupa Introductory Healing Session

Shakti Swarupa Introductory Teleseminars are offered periodically and are free to all. They are a great way to learn about Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing, have your questions answered and experience a Shakti Swarupa Chakra Balancing Meditation and the power of the healing energy of this path.

Shakti Swarupa Group Healing Session

Theme focused Shakti Swarupa Group Healing Sessions are offered periodically and focus on removing obstacles, neutralizing and dissolving specific issues and triggers, and empowering group participants to move forward in their lives and manifest their goals.  The cost varies with the number of sessions designated to the theme. One of the unique experiences of these group healing sessions is that each participant receives the benefits of the healing work done with all the other participants.

Price per each two-hour session.

Law of Attraction in Action - Intentions, Values And Goals 

Begin the process of consciously creating the life that you really want in this mini retreat series on the Law of Attraction. This program is offered in a variety of formats ranging in length from 1 full onsite day, 3 half-day mini retreats onsite or live streamed, or a series of 6 two-hour webinars.  (Mini retreats cannot be taken separately and must be taken in sequence).

During this mini retreat seminar you will:

Meditation For Daily Living Mini Retreat Series

Explore details about Meditation for Daily Living Basic Course and Meditation for Daily Living Advanced 3 Mini Retreat Series....all critical for success in the Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing Advanced Healer Training.

*These three courses are a prerequisite for Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing Advanced Healer Training for any potential students who have not established a regular meditation practice. Anyone registering for all three Meditation for Daily Living  3 mini retreat package saves $50 on the total cost of the three mini retreats.

Shakti Swarupa Body Type Analysis, Diet and Lifestyle Planning

Introduction to Mantra and Sound Healing 2 Mini Retreat Series

In this two-part highly experiential Mini Retreat Series we will explore the power of sound and mantras to balance and heal body, mind and spirit through:

Introduction to Herbs and Essential Oils 2 Mini Retreat Series

In this two-part Mini Retreat Series we will explore the use of herbs and essential oils in supporting health and well-being.  Particular attention will be given to herbs that strengthen and support the immune system. Herbs – Mini Retreat 1 includes a discussion of the basic types of herbs and their uses in supporting health through:

Essential Oils – Mini Retreat 2 includes discussion of the use of single and blended essential oils in aroma therapy, through diffusion, wearing oils and use in therapeutic baths and massage oils.  Consideration will be given to the combining of essential oils and Shakti Swarupa crystal essences.

Participants will receive a sample package of Shakti Swarupa Viral Defense Tea and a small collection of essential oils to experiment with in exercises done in the second mini retreat.  Recipes for two healing and cleansing soups and the making of a variety of household and body cream products will be given to all participants.  Materials fee is included within the Mini Retreat Series fee.

Introduction to Crystals in Balancing, Strengthening and Healing Mini Retreat Series


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