You are invited to meet Senior Brahmin Priest of Bhagavan Nityananda’s Samadhi Shrine in Ganeshpuri, India, Nandu Prasad Joshi. He is a wonderful person who is devoted to Bade Baba, the care of the Samadhi Shrine and the performance of the daily pujas and arati chants in the Samadhi Shrine in the center of Ganeshpuri. He also performs pujas for individuals from around the world. This is traditionally, one of the ways that Brahmin priests earn a living. Nandu Prasad Joshi has been performing his duties in the temple since he was 18 years old and was mentored by the senior Brahmins to move into his current level of responsibilities as the Senior Priest of the temple. As I have been getting to know him I am seeing what a great devotee he is and the amount of love and devotion he brings to both his work in the temple and his mission to also serve the many devotees of Bade Baba and the Siddha lineage from around the world. He will be sharing his devotion and his work with us in this gathering and inviting any who wish to have special pujas performed for them to contact him and set them up. We will also chant with each other and meditate for a short while. One of Nandu Prasad Joshi’s amazing gifts is his voice, which he attributes to Bade Baba’s grace and blessings. He loves chanting, not just the ancient Vedic mantras of the pujas and rituals, but also the Kirtans and Bhajans. We are asking that you actually register for this event so we have an idea of the number of people attending. The registration will remain open until midnight EDT on June 30th, at which point Dr. Judith (Kalikananda) will send out the ZOOM links to everyone who has registered. The program is free and we welcome you with great love to join us.