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  • Meditation for Daily Living Advanced Mini Retreat #1
     January 23, 2021
     1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreats are offered for participants who have already learned to meditate and are meditating regularly and want to deepen their meditation and re-energize their practice.  In this series of 3 half-day retreats, Dr. Judith offers theoretical and experientially based understandings of topics of each, leads the group in simple yoga and Shakti Swarupa stretches to prepare the body and mind for chanting and meditation and offers meditation instructions.  She encourages participants to apply what they have learned in the weeks between each mini retreat and to share their experiences and observations with the group.  These mini retreats are designed to be taken in sequence and are being offered both in live stream format on ZOOM. Registrants will received the recorded version of this mini retreat when it becomes available. This and the two other mini retreats in the series are prerequisites for all potential Advanced Healer Training Program Students and will not be offered again as live retreats before the beginning of the Advanced Healer Training Program in 2022. These retreats are open to all who want to experience them. If you intend to take all three mini retreats  registering for the package offers you a discount.

Mini Retreat #1: The Relationship Between the Individual self and the Inner Self,  Saturday 1/23, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

In this mini retreat we deepen our understanding of:


The relationship between the individual self and the Inner Self


The psychic instrument (ego/mind/intellect/unconscious)


The Inner Self as it exists in all states of consciousness


Shifting awareness from the witnessing of the psychic instrument to merging with the Inner Self