Light Worker Coaching Program


This is a unique 3 session Light Worker Coaching Program. In three one hour sessions designed for Light Workers, this coaching program combines an Akashic Record reading to identify and guide your individual development and your Light Work, Law of Attraction goal setting and action planning methods, Shakti Swarupa Energetics to dissolve obstacles to actualizing goals and current Akashic record information on the Earth and Humanity to help you align your goals with a higher destiny to help our Earth and collective humanity.



This unique 3 session Light Worker Coaching program is designed especially for Light Workers who need support in developing themselves, their work and their service to humanity. It combines an Akashic Record Reading with Shakti Swarupa energetic healing in the first one hour coaching session to clarify and empower you by dissolving obstacles and perceived limitations. In the second session Dr. Judith shares information she has received in Akashic Record readings of the Earth and Humanity for this year to guide you in your goal setting and action planning. You are also coached on Law of Attraction methods for creating goals and action plans. In session three your goals and action plans are reviewed and refined and you are provided with Shakti Swarupa Energetics  to remove obstacles for achieving your goals and strengthen you in following through and actualizing them.

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