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Discover the Lost Secrets of the Law of Attraction and make your dreams become reality in the next four months with the transformational Create It, Move It, Through It, Do It Course

You may not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s stopping you from being or achieving something, new, better or more powerful in your life. That’s why you keep buying books and attending workshops. All you know is, you just feel stuck or blocked by something unnamed that wells up inside whenever you reach for your dreams. Or, you may be marginally aware of you inner barriers thanks to that nagging inner voice that insists, “I can’t possibly do that,” or “I’m not good enough, smart enough, educated enough,” or “I’m to young, too old, too tired, too busy.”

The good news is, the fear, insecurities and self-doubts that create these inner barriers can be neutralized—quickly and permanently. Best of all, the details of how to apply the Law of Attraction, the “lost secrets,” as I like to call them, can be learned with minimal effort. Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course is the most powerful transformational course that I personally developed. This course is designed to support you in creating your life in a way that brings you  health, prosperity and the satisfaction you’ve always dreamed of!

"Create It" Using Law of Attraction and Energetic Work for Extraordinary Results

Law of Attraction

Through my diverse background and experience, I have acquired wisdom on the science of applying the Law of Attraction. These are revealed in my unique integrated healing system that helps you to easily dissolve inner barriers and fast-track your way to creating what you most want. One of the most important secrets involves aligning the energy of your intentions with your core values. My unique healing program integrates Western and Eastern psychological understandings and healing techniques in a powerful core alignment system that can permanently dissolve your inner barriers and help you become and achieve all that you secretly imagine you can be and do. By applying this system, you can free yourself, focus your potential, put your life on the fast track, and begin living your highest destiny – all in as little as 4 months.

Energetic Work

About six years ago, I discovered a remarkable new way to help people unlock their full potential. The results of my work intensified when I began combining existing approaches to core values clarification and goal setting with this extremely powerful and effective energetic healing method that very quickly— sometimes instantly—dissolves inner barriers and obstacles.

This energetic approach to health and wellness allows me, as a practitioner, to identify and neutralize weaknesses, obstacles, memories, thoughts, ancestral and past life influences that are blocking your movement toward your most cherished life goals… all in a matter of minutes.

Through my Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course, I combine powerful techniques with strategies for applying the Law of Attraction. This synergetic approach is the key to rapid alignment of goals with core values, making it inevitable, unavoidable, and virtually guaranteed that goals will be reached…and more!

Extraordinary Results

Whether your inner barriers are hidden or acknowledged, they are real, and they will stop you in your tracks. And no matter how much you believe in the power of the Law of Attraction, you won’t be able to harness it properly if your understanding of it remains incomplete.

The good news is, the fear, insecurities and self-doubts that create these inner barriers can be neutralized—quickly and permanently. Best of all, the details of how to apply the Law of Attraction, the “lost secrets,” as I like to call them, can be learned with minimal effort. 

Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course  is designed to support you in achieving transformational changes in your life in a way that brings you the health, prosperity and the satisfaction you’ve always dreamed of!

Through the Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course, you will:

Understand and collaborate with the Law of Attraction.
Clarify your personal values and priorities.
Understand the power and true nature of core life intentions in creating and living a life that emanates from your highest destiny.
Articulate your core life intentions, goals and action plans in Law of Attraction language.
Transform your thinking, emotions, action and understanding of self and the manifesting process.
Learn how to transform inner and outer obstacles in the process of moving toward your goals.
Attract resources and supports toward manifesting core life intention and achieving your life goals.

Course Module Topics Include

The Law of Attraction
Fears and Obstacles
Ready, Willing, Able, Deserving…
Gratitude and the Law of Attraction
Creating From Our Highest Awareness
Goals and Action Plans—Collaborating With the Law of Attraction
Consciously Practicing “The Secret”—The Law of Attraction
Resourcing and Masterminding
Celebrating Our Successes

Create It Course Audio Sessions

This recorded Create It, Move Through It, Do It Course Package gives you a step by step process for learning and applying all course objectives. Included are 10 lecture modules, homework assignments, for each module, and self inquiry and contemplation exercises to assist you in becoming a manifestation magnet. Some lectures include visualization and meditation exercises. All documents are provided in a digital format for easy download and printing.

If you submit all of your homework assignments to Dr. Judith upon completion of the course, you will receive a free 30-minute consultation with her to plan your next steps and dissolve obstacles to completing them. Value: $125.

Law of Attraction in Action - Intentions, Values and Goals

3 Mini Retreat Series

Begin the process of consciously creating the life that you really want in this 3 mini retreat series on the Law of Attraction. This program is offered in a variety of formats ranging in length from 1 full onsite day, 3 half-day mini retreats onsite or live streamed, or a series of 6 two-hour webinars.  (Mini retreats cannot be taken separately and must be taken in sequence).

During this 3 mini retreat seminar you will:

Learn to apply Law of Attraction principles to your life.
Clarify personal core values.
Articulate clear core life intentions.
Articulate short and long term goals and action plans using Law of Attraction principles, language and visualization.
Identify current and potential resources supporting manifestation of intentions and goals.

Create It Course Mini Modules

Five powerful Law of Attraction Mini Modules can be purchased individually or as the entire collection in a set of five (special pricing).

Mini Module 1: Understanding and Working with the Law of Attraction in Difficult Times.
Mini Module 2: Discovering Your Own True Self and Aligning Your Vibrations with the Law of Attraction.
Mini Module 3: Emotions and Alignment with the Creative Power of the Universe.
Mini Module 4: Law of Attraction Language and the Process of Transforming Negative Thinking.
Mini Module 5: Asking, Allowing and Recognizing the Law of Attraction in Action. 

$25.00. ea
$100.00 bundle (5)


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