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The “Meditation for Daily Living” Series Consists of a Basic Course and 3 Mini Retreats

These programs are specifically designed to support participants in:

Establishing regular meditation practice.
Understanding the nature of the Inner self as the object of meditation.
Developing personal experience and understanding of the nature of the mind/body/spirit relationship in meditation and daily life.
Creating a happy, peaceful and focused life through the practice of meditation.
Developing knowledge, experience and appreciation for one’s personal spiritual journey in worldly life.

Because the practice of meditation is universal across spiritual paths all are welcome to participate and encouraged to integrate this practice into their own spiritual and life journey. These programs are offered in both live stream and onsite formats. Also check calendar and register for free monthly guided meditation sessions.

Meditation Courses to Transform Your Life

Meditation for Daily Living Basic Course

In this course (four 2-hour sessions) you will learn how to:

Recognize both the state of meditation and the process of meditation.
Access the natural state of meditation through the ancient technique of meditation on the breath and the space between the breaths.
Gain control of your mind through the practice of witnessing thoughts, emotions and sensations.
Sit comfortably in simple yoga postures for meditation.
Release physical and mental tension in preparation for meditation through basic, easy hatha yoga postures.
Focus your attention on your Inner Self, the source of peace, inspiration and healing within you.
Establish regular meditation practices at home.

Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreat Series

The Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreat Series Package is offered for participants who have already learned to meditate and are meditating regularly and want to deepen their meditation and re-energize their practice.  In this series of 3 half-day retreats, Dr. Judith offers theoretical and experientially based understandings of topics of each, leads the group in simple yoga and Shakti Swarupa stretches to prepare the body and mind for chanting and meditation and offers meditation instructions.  She encourages participants to apply what they have learned in the weeks between each mini retreat and to share their experiences and observations with the group.  These mini retreats are designed to be taken in sequence and are being offered both in live stream and onsite formats.

Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreat #1:  The Relationship Between the Individual Self and the Inner Self

In this mini retreat we deepen our understanding of:

The relationship between the individual self and the Inner Self
The psychic instrument (ego/mind/intellect/unconscious)
The Inner Self as it exists in all states of consciousness
Shifting awareness from the witnessing of the psychic instrument to merging with the Inner Self

Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreat #2:  Deepening Meditation

In this mini retreat we learn how to deepen the experience of meditation on the Inner Self through:

Steady posture (both mental and physical)
Breathing (pranayama)
Dharanas (concentration techniques)
Mantra repetition

Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreat #3:  Understanding the Kundalini/Chakra/Nadi System, Spiritual Awakening and the Role of the Masters

In this mini retreat we gain knowledge of the kundalini, the chakras, the nadis and the process of the awakening of the kundalini through discussion of:

The kundalini/chakra/nadi system
The signs and symptoms of kundalini awakening and the mystical experiences of meditation
The difference between spontaneous kundalini awakening and awakening given by a fully Realized Master
Spiritual practices that nurture and expand the experience of the kundalini  

Individual Mini Retreats 

$150 ea.

Meditation for Daily Living Mini Retreat Package

$350 ea.


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