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Three Transformational Personal Development Paths to Achieving Your Ultimate Results

What is keeping you from achieving what you most want out of your life? Most likely there are blocks hidden from your conscious awareness that are limiting your access to core life intentions where truly transformational results can be achieved.  You are about to be introduced to powerful methods of acquiring new insights that automatically create new intentions and actions. 

Through revolutionary training, you will be empowered to achieve your highest potential in whatever you are seeking in your life. That might be related to your health, harmony, prosperity, spirituality or any combination. Explore below three transformational paths for healing yourself of physical and emotional challenges, reaching your life goals, and restoring and balancing your body, mind and spirit in the most rapid and powerful way possible.

Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing Courses

The Shakti Swarupa Energetic Healing encourages each individual to recognize and experience his or her own full potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through the dissolving of obstacles, karmic memories and triggers that activate old patterns and issues. This path is solidly grounded in the ancient kundalini/chakra/nadi paradigm of Yoga. It has traditionally been imparted only to Realized Masters around whom many spontaneous healings take place.

Meditation for Daily Living Courses

The daily practice of meditation opens the door to the deepest levels of Self knowledge and inner transformation. Understanding both the process and the practices of meditation are essential in establishing regular practice. The Meditation for Daily Living series of three day-long retreat classes takes you on a journey from beginning to advanced understandings and practices that optimize your ability to establish your own regular home practice of meditation.

Create It Courses

Learn the secrets of collaborating with the Law of Attraction to create the life you truly want and manifest your highest destiny. The Create It, Move Through It, Do It Mini Modules introduce you to the basic principles of the Law of Attraction in action. The 10 session live and recorded course offerings walk you step by step through the process of clarifying your values, core life intentions and goals and aligning them to your highest destiny, while helping you to develop the understand and skills needed to rally connect to and work with the Creative Power of the Universe to manifest all that you love and want in your life.


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