Wake up call!

Periodically I am called to do an Akashic Record Reading for our Mother Earth. Recently the call came and I responded. The Record Keepers of Mother Earth were ready to speak once again.  The following is what came through for the benefit of Mother and Humanity. I offer this to all with the hopes that you will listen, contemplate and allow the messages to inform actions.  Please feel free to share this message with others who may benefit from it.

~Dr. Judith~




Mother is struggling right now, more than in past years.  Humanity has not listened to her, both in terms of our natural environment and in terms of the dharma of being human.  The young ones are listening, but the older ones are not.  Their greed and selfish egocentricity are clouding their judgment, and their lack of leadership on behalf of the planet is shameful.  Mother is absorbing so much grief, anger, greed and violent actions on the part of humanity that the effort to burn this off is being seen in the many natural disasters and severe weather patterns.  These shifts are taking their toll on many plant and animal beings.  All of the elements of Mother are yelling at humans to wake up.  Only the young and the Elders of the many ancient spiritual traditions are listening and trying to wake up others to act.  What actions must be done?


  1. Walk the path of peace and respect the natural balance. Care for the environment.  Start where you live, in your own home and neighborhood.  Avoid using toxic chemicals on your lawns, in your houses, in your gardens.  Recycle and repurpose everything you can. Plant pollination gardens to help the bees and the butterflies.  Use alternative energy sources that do not pollute the air and water.
  2. Change your consciousness. Cultivate a healthy mind, body and spirit that represent the beauty and energy within and around you.  There are many who need the influence of stillness and peace in the midst of chaos and violence.
  3. Learn how to peacefully resolve the conflicts around you. The more this is done, the more balance will begin to return and the less Mother will need to absorb and then burn off. Encourage the children in your life to learn these skills.
  4. Understand that the Divine Principle transcends religion and religious politics. Ultimately, at the highest level, the mystics of each path understand this.  Do not engage in religious politics.  Such engagement leads to violence in thought and action.  This violence is absorbed by Mother and becomes a darkness that is burned off by disasters of all kinds.  When disasters take place and people die and others lose everything to fires, floods, tornados, earthquakes, etc., this causes the victims and survivors, and others who respond with prayers, donations, and on the ground support to come from a place of gratitude and compassion for the suffering.  These feelings and actions uplift the vibrational frequency of humanity and counteract the darkness of negative karma.
  5. Please listen to the great wisdom of the Elders of the Indigenous Peoples of the World. Listen also to the wisdom of the young Lightworkers.  They have incarnated at this time to save the Earth and Humanity.  Help them.  Support them.  Understand and apply the wisdom of the Elders.  Understand the generations that have lived a more nature-based and simple life.  Many are watching what is going on and feeling helpless to turn the tides of violence.  They know a lifestyle that did not resort to gun violence to resolve conflicts.  They know a time when neighbors took care of each other and the neighborhood.  They know a set of values.


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