Akashic Record Readings



Humanity is in a scary state right now.  There are some polarities that show little promise of resolution.  During such times as these, the Lightworkers, as you call them, are being called upon by their teachers and masters to rise above the chaos and darkness and become unshakably rooted in the Light of Consciousness while preparing for the biggest jobs that lie ahead.  Humanity, in general, is plunged into egocentricity, greed and hunger for power.  This is the darkness of Kali Yuga.  There is no sense of the deeper meaning of survival of the collective.  Ignorance and wrong understanding prevail.  Religious groups battle for political power rather than higher understanding.  What they believe to be higher values and understanding is ruled by their lack of higher understanding paired with their desire to control, subjugate and condemn the values and beliefs of others.  This leads to violence, destruction, and physical and spiritual death.


The key is to rise above the drama and the control needs, become rooted in inner stillness and the understanding that all groups and individuals have their own belief-driven life lessons and destinies.  The term “Allowing” is appropriate here.  People are drawn to a variety of spiritual paths and life causes in order to move into a higher level of understanding themselves and the Higher Consciousness that is there to guide them into a state that transcends the limitations of the mind-based articulations of the guidelines, the rules of their game.  They cling to what is the basic understanding of the rules and never even think that the rules are there to allow them to lead a better life and eventually develop the desire to really know and understand the Higher Consciousness that transcends the guidelines and takes one beyond the limitations of the mind, body, emotions, ego and intellect.  The pain and suffering that are plaguing people around the world are catalysts to push them to go deeper.  When facing death and destruction, one must ask about meaning and values and what is most important in life.  Some retreat into denial and anger.  Others transcend and begin to lead a life of purpose and service and gratitude, despite the enormous loss and grief they are facing.  What is going on now is a repeated wake-up call – like the rooster who crows at the break of each day, the wakeup calls are coming daily and from more roosters than you can count.  The call is being listened to by many, but they are overwhelmed by the weight of the tasks facing Humanity.


We want you all to understand that the effort to stem the tide of destruction lies first in the heart and mind of each individual.  The natural process of seeking peace and stillness is step #1.  Step #2 is articulating the core intentions of your life and the core values that emanate from them.  By doing this, their under­standing of their own purpose and highest destiny will emerge.  It is never about forcing or controlling others.  It is always about leading from and by example.  When you stand in your own light-filled destiny, then those who resonate to a similar destiny are drawn to you and you simply stand in the Light together and empower those around you to do the same, regardless of religion, spiritual path or politics.  Humanity must begin to rapidly embrace this understanding.


Historical trauma is often a conscious and unconscious obstacle to reaching this state of stillness, understanding and allowing.  The attachment of the individual and the ancestral souls to the trauma and injustices of the past must be addressed by individuals and groups and dissolved energetically and spiritually in order for each individual and group or collection to transcend the limitations and the tendencies to repeatedly reenact the dramas.  Humanity must learn this.


The issues that Lightworkers are facing are many, but they must work these issues within themselves in order to lead others by their example and their inspired experience.  You all know the environmental, social, historical and political issues facing the world.  The work ahead must always include the children and the young people.  These current souls have incarnated in bursts of Light.  Adults must encourage them all to discover and grow their talents and follow their passions – they are also the change agents; they are the future and can, with the support of their parents, teachers and other inspirational adults, save the Earth and Humanity.



Note: It has been my practice to check in periodically with the Shakti Swarupa Masters to receive their impressions and predictions and guidance. What follows is my most recent information and guidance from them.

An Additional Message from the Shakti Swarupa Masters

The next 6 months will be a very dangerous time. You are watching the current levels of violence escalate right now. That will continue on through December and into 2024. The economy will be equally volatile, but the wisdom keepers in the economic domains around the world will help contain the volatility and stabilize the world economic functioning. The supply chains will not shut down. It will be difficult to get some foods and supplies. As the violence increases it will disrupt the deliveries and transport of goods making the scarcity fear worse when there is no need to fear anything but the fear of lack itself. As for the violence, the shootings, the anger, the killings—they will continue to escalate and will be both targeted and random incidents. It is good to be alert and to avoid malls and large venues and celebrations, like parades and big concerts. The intensity of these times is destabilizing many individuals who have psychiatric issues, rage, and delusional thinking about politics and society, as well as their personal relationships. They are vulnerable to total loss of ability to control these tendencies.

During these times take refuge in the Stillness within the core of the Inner Self. This is the only way to keep from spinning out like those who are caught in the chaos of the storm of violence. Meditation, prayer, chanting and keeping the mind and heart focused on the Light of Consciousness help to anchor your in the Stillness.


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