Dr. Judith’s Messsages from a Deep Dive Retreat #1


I am now a month out from hip replacement surgery, getting around with and without canes depending on the activity and finally able to shift my focus from the initial recovery from the surgery to recovery from the exhausting demands of my life and work over the past 18 months.

I am now ready for my deep dive into meditation, relative silence, contemplation and preparation for the work to come. As I was refocusing my inner guides started urging me to give you all something to support you and those around you during the next 5 weeks. I had thought about doing a blog during this time, but had just about decided not to because of the work involved in doing it that would take me away from my focus. Well, the guides had a better idea and suggested that I send you messages from the retreat that are dharanas, or contemplations. I loved that idea. These messages are designed to bring our focus inward and connect with the Inner Self, the pure Consciousness within each of us, so we can infuse our life experience with the recognition that everything is Consciousness, and provides us the opportunity to become more and  more rooted in the Self as we navigate our way through the journey of each day.

Message #1:

Sunday 9/26/21

Embrace and cherish Stillness. From stillness emerges peace, power, strength, understanding  and healing for the Earth and Humanity. Become the Stillness and watch as wisdom and destiny are revealed.


Dr. Judith’s Messsages from a Deep Dive Retreat #2

Monday, 9/27/21

As I resolve to dive deeply into spiritual practices for the next 5 weeks in order to refresh and restore myself and my commitment to the work ahead the I realize that each day is a sacred offering and invoke grace with the following prayer from the ancient Rg-Veda.

Message #2

May you awaken like the sun at daybreak, ready to make your sacred offering. Set forth with delight, like a pilgrim on her journey.

O heroic one , move forward with resolve to make this sacred offering of yourself to life.

May you plant the banner of victory in the service of humankind.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #3

Tuesday 9/28/21

Listen to the song of your soul. Sing the inner music out and follow the music of your heart’s own wisdom as it becomes the path that reveals your own special destiny in this world.  Hear it as it emerges from  the pravava mantra, the Source of all Sound.  Dive into it and allow it to grow in its resonance as it spreads throughout all the particles of your being, arising and subsiding, arising and subsiding on the breath. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #4

Wednesday 9/29/21

When you cultivate inner stillness that stillness begins to permeate not only the place that you meditate in daily, but also extends out into your entire home.  When you hold stillness all who come into your space are taken into that stillness and find moments of peace. This is the ultimate service to humanity, the Earth and her creatures.


Dr, Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #5

Thursday 9/30/21

Be totally present in the moment. When you are engrossed in each present moment, when you are engaged physically, mentally, emotionally in the present regardless of the activity, stillness and bliss emerge from right behind  the activity of the moment. Moment moves to moment, present moves to present creating an underlying state of stillness in the spaces between moment and moment, present and present.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #6

Friday 10/1/21

Become rooted in your Inner Self. View the ever changing circumstances of life as they whirl around you. Do not let them distract you from your resolve to see everything from within the stillness. From the stillness emerges the inner guidance that comes from beyond the mind and the ego. From there clarity emerges and destiny unfolds with no resistance.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #7

Saturday 10/2/21

Begin this month remembering the great love of the one who with one look, one touch, one thought changed the course of your entire life in an instant. Never ever let go of this gift. Remember it always. Nurture it with the practices of meditation, contemplation, chanting and service to the Self of All. There is no other way to express gratitude that is beyond expression than to imbibe and become the teachings of the Sadguru.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #8

Sunday 10/3/21

Adversity is a part of life. The Shakti takes so many forms in her attempts to drive us inward to the Self. From the witnessing, still space of the Self comes both clarity and vision of how to navigate through the adversity. The constant here is in the vehicle you are seated in as you journey through the adversity. That vehicle is the Inner Self. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #9

Monday 10/4/21

Creating resolutions and intentions invites the Universe/ the Shakti to test commitment and bring into awareness both inner and outer barriers to moving forward in the direction of fulfilling them. Become rooted in the inner stillness to recognize the tests and move through the obstacles quickly with grace, gratitude and understanding.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #10

Tuesday 10/5/21

The emotions of others are powerful. Remember to distinguish the difference between what is yours and what is theirs. Don’t mistake their anxiety, sadness, anger for your own. Meditate and build your inner Shakti and your inner stillness and watch as both rapidly dispel what is absorbed from others.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #11

Wednesday 10/6/21

Capturing the stillness is a priceless skill. In the beginning embrace silence……just stop talking for  24 hours. Watch the mind as it spins and creates thought after thought, follows every enticing outward event, and fidgets when you draw it back inside. Let the only thought be the mantra of the Self….Om Namah Shivaya. For every outer thought and every spin of the mind….Om Namah Shivaya….until the mind becomes addicted to the sweet love song to the Self….Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya…….savor every single syllable, every sound in Om Namah Shivaya …..Om….Na…Mah…Shi….vay …a….and  be drawn into the ultimate power of the stillness that is Shiva!


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #12

Thursday and Friday 10/7 & 8

Repeat sacred mantras and become sacred. 

Repeat them silently with the heart and allow their vibrations to permeate every level of your existence, both physical and subtle and you become sacred.

Repeat them out loud, chanting them from the heart and whatever is within the sphere of the sacred sounds absorbs their vibrations and becomes sacred.

Repeat sacred mantras and even the most mundane tasks you do while repeating them become sacred.

Wherever you walk repeat the sacred mantra of the Self and know that wherever your fee touch the ground the mantra ignites its sacred fire. 

Wherever your breath exhales the mantra the mantra ignites the sacredness of the prana and the air.

Wherever you dip your hands or feet into the lakes, the rivers the ponds, the oceans, the mantra quickly transforms these waters into sacred baths and blessed  prasad for all who swim and drink there.

Repeat sacred mantras offering them into a burning fire and that fire becomes a purifying yagna carrying sacredness through its heat, light and smoke into the pure fire of Consciousness within all of Creation.

Repeat sacred mantras in this way and soon you will know the Truth that there is no place where Shiva is not, as everything reveals its true Nature and Divinity to you.

Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #13

Friday 10/15/21

What does it mean to follow the path of a Realized Master whose only goal is to give you the ongoing experience of knowing you are one with the Divine Consciousness that some call God, some call Shiva, some call Jesus, some call Buddha? Once you fully see that your only reason to be here is to know the Self and you make that your intense resolve, everything changes. Then life choices are driven by the understanding that everything that happens is for the sake of the Self….to bring us into alignment with the experience of the Self within and all around us. The spiritual practices of meditation, chanting, contemplation of the teachings of spiritual texts and selfless service are the foundation for the experience of the Self and the understanding that there is no place, no person, no creature, no part of Nature where the Self does not exist. Practice this awareness always and life becomes an ongoing experience of the power and joy of the pulsating Shakti and the deep inner stillness of Shiva out of which she arises.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #14

Saturday 10/16/21

Take refuge in silence for a while. There is so much that pulls us all outward and drains our energies physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Embrace the silence and the practices that create inner stillness. Then become aware of the people, places, activities, thoughts and things that drain your energy and slow your progress on the path to the Self. Become aware of what restores your energy and feeds the state of stillness and clarity. Change your choices. Choose stillness and peacefulness over the constant drain. Restore your reserve tanks. Baba used to say, “you social workers, don’t you know that if you don’t have money in the bank you can’t give any away? Meditate on the Self and fill your bank accounts.”


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #15

Sunday 10/17/21

We think that livestreaming is new technology. Livestreaming has existed since ancient times and beyond time in the realms of Higher Consciousness where the saints and siddhas tour. They have downloaded the highest knowledge and offer it to us on the screens of deep meditation. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #16

Monday 10/18/21

Give up the perception of doing and listen to the inner guidance of the Self. If no guidance comes, meditate and wait for the clues to emerge as the Shakti knows the perfect timing for each step toward the goal. My Baba used to say, “When the mango is ripe you need only tap it and it falls into your hand.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #17

Tuesday 10/19/21

Listen to the body and translate your awareness of its messages into action to restore the balance necessary to remain healthy and resilient. It is useless to be aware and not act. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #18

Wednesday 10/20/21

When you have experienced the Ocean of Consciousness within your own Self, how can you run from the practices that open the portal to that experience? Embrace those practices daily and become the blissful beacon of Light that you are. Embrace those practices and imbibe the spirit of the Self. Become addicted to meditation, chanting, contemplation and live a happy life. Your happiness is within you and all around you. Do what it takes to remove the inner and outer veils that blind you. Give up your excuses now and become the Ocean of Consciousness.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #19

Thursday 10/21/21

Remember always  the beloved animals in your life. Their devotion is pure. Their love is pure. They quietly absorb the emotions and negative karma you are pushing  down or aside. Honor yourself and their devotion by releasing and dissolving what you are avoiding and resisting processing. Show your love to them by taking care of yourself and them. Invite them to meditate  and sit with you as this too, helps them release what they have selflessly absorbed from you. They are naturally drawn to the healing power and love of the Shakti.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #20

Friday 10/22/21

The external influences of the states of those around you rob you of your stillness. The external influences of those you identify with feed the inability to hold the Witness Consciousness, and rob you of your stillness and balance. Only when you withdraw attention from the tug and pull of the external influences can you go beyond them into the Self and know that the inner guidance you are seeking is going to be clear and in alignment with your highest destiny. Chant the Name and watch as those influences fly across the screen of the mind and emotions and are rapidly released and neutralized. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #21

Saturday 10/23/21

People ask, “How do I know when I have experienced the Self?” When joy and love bubble up independent of external people and objects, know that you are experiencing the Self. When words tumble out onto a page and they are accompanied by a welling up of bliss that is streaming from some point within and permeating every cell and every state of consciousness, know that you are experiencing the Self. Embrace the experience and allow it to transform your perception of what is real. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #22

Sunday 1o/24/21

Grace is everywhere. Never doubt it. Allow yourself to quietly notice how it is showering on you, how it is calling your attention to its presence and supporting your existence. Get rid of your umbrella and dance in the shower. Allow every level of your being  to absorb the blessings. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #23

Wednesday 10/27/21

Install the mantra Om Namah Shivaya in every particle of your physical and subtle bodies. Then go to sleep and you will awaken totally refreshed and strong. Eventually you will have the experience of the mantra singing  to you from within your heart throughout the day. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #24

Friday 10/29/21

Memories are the doorways to walk through into our deepest connections to the Self. When we bring forward the intensity of a memory of peace, joy, love, gratitude, and absorb our mind in the power of the experience, the deep inner source of the pulsing feelings and sensations of the memory and we let go of the memory itself , we are quickly carried into the bliss of the Self. Practicing this repeatedly brings  about the ongoing experience of bliss instantly.


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #25

Saturday 10/30/21

Become fearless. What you fear is what you create in your inner and outer experiences. Have the courage to dissolve the fears instantly by facing them and moving through them. When you embrace the Self there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #26

Sunday 10/31 and Monday 11/1

Contemplate  the question of what is real. Some would say everything is an illusions and the only thing that is real is the Self that is beyond the ever shifting nature of body , mind and ego. Others would contest that everything we experience is real. Embracing the understanding that everything is a contraction of Pure Consciousness, experience the pulsation of Consciousness in every moment and discover that there is no conflict between these philosophies \. The Vedantins say “neti, neti”—“not this, not this” in an attempt to take themselves into the experience of the underlying Source or foundation of all we perceive. The Shaivites say, “There is no place where Shiva is not” embracing each experience and perception and following its pulsation back into the Self or Shiva. Both approaches lead one to the experience of Tat Twam Asi—I am That, or Shivoham—I am Shiva. The Truth of the bliss of Consciousness is revealed when one knows that the constant, the never changing reality is That, is the Self, is the stillness and pulsation out of which all arises and back into which it dissolves. Experience this and become free of limited perception of what is real. 


Dr. Judith’s Messages from a Deep Dive Retreat #27

Wednesday 11/3/21

On the ever of Diwali, the Festival of Light and the beginning of the Indian New Year I bring my messages to a close. It is said that what one does on Diwali sets the pace and the tone for the New Year.  In the Indian tradition the Goddess Lakshmi is honored. Lakshmi is the Universal Principle of Abundance of all things worldly and spiritual. It is an auspicious time to create resolutions, intentions and goals for the coming months, to clean out the old and bring in the new and to put one’s attention on the highest thoughts. I will be spending the day and evening of Diwali focusing on transitioning back to seeing my clients and my students, completing a few projects and chanting for several hours in the evening as the New Year approaches. It is also said that when one makes monetary offerings in charity when honoring Lakshmi, the offerings return to you in many times over. There are so many in our world who are in need right now. I encourage you all to pick a worthy organization that does charitable work and make an offering to them in Lakshmi’s honor. May you all receive many blessings. May you all experience the Self. May you all become beacons of Light. My you all receive an abundance of all that you need and more to continue on the journey to  the constant experience of  I am That, I am Shiva. 


Note: Stay tuned in here on the blog link of the website, as I intend to periodically post topics to support our journeys and keep you up to date on upcoming events.