Recently I offered a day long workshop for Lightworkers to assist them in focusing in on their work and their destiny. As a preparation for this workshop I do Akashic Record Readings for Mother Earth, Humanity as a whole, and each of the participants in the workshop. This is an extremely powerful process of entering the Akashic Records for each and asking specific questions of their record keepers in reference to their roles as Lightworkers and what work they have ahead of them, both in fulfilling the roles and moving through any obstacles. As a foundation for these readings I enter the records of our Mother Earth and Humanity in order to see where they are in their current state and destiny and what needs to happen to move forward to support Mother Earth who supports us and to support Humanity in gaining a better understanding of our current roles and responsibilities in reference to Mother Earth and our own evolution.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Akashic Records, they are, basically, the records of our individual soul’s destiny. This includes the life lessons we each need to work on and how we can do that work. Entering the records and the Akashic realms, or level of consciousness, is a powerful, sweet and loving experience that surrounds the reader and the person receiving the reading with a tremendous amount of light and healing energy.

After contemplating the readings for Mother Earth and Humanity, it became quite clear that it would be important to share them with everyone who is interested in understanding our current global experience. In this first of two blogs on this topic I am sharing the reading that I did for our Mother Earth. Sometimes the wording of these readings is dramatic. That is because it is being dictated to me by the record keepers.


The burdens of Mother Earth are formidable and heavy at this time. As you know she absorbs the negative karmas of humanity which, as you see when you follow the news, are rampant in the behavior of those who have consciously and/or unconsciously chosen darkness in their life path. The intensity of darkness has increased in the past 5 years, which exponentially created a heavier burden for our mother eat to offer balance to. For this and the reasons of ignorant choices made in reference to caring for her, you are seeing many more subtle and dramatic natural forces that are challenging humanity to find solutions to reverse the damage done to the natural balance of things. Progress is being made in the recognition of the damage and the causes of it, and even in the solutions to reverse it. But the politicians who are deluded into thinking that big business is more important to the saving of humanity than reversing the damage to our Earth are holding back the progress and movement needed to put in place plans and programs for action and research that would speed up the reversal enough within the next 10 years to at least stop the current rates of damage to the environment and give humanity a chance to then actually reverse the damage.

Mother Earth has so much love and compassion for humanity that she continues to absorb the negative karma of wars, hatred and devastation of her creatures and her natural resources. Her resilience in regenerating those resources  is being drained to a point where if humanity fails to meet the current challenges, the current children of this Earth will suffer beyond the imagination of most adults. There will be rampant  starvation, disease, natural disasters like fires, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and droughts.

It is the role of the angels and the Lightworkers to educate, advocate, heal and empower those who are inclined to meet the challenge. There is an influx now of brilliant young souls carry within their unconscious the knowledge necessary to save the Earth in the next 25 to 30 years. There is a need to inspire teachers and other adults to encourage these children to rapidly develop their genius in the domains of all aspects of Earth and environmental sciences, architecture, engineering and the generation of alternate energy generation with solar, win, geothermal and kinetic crystals. Yes, this kinetic crystal frequency crystal work is unknown as of now, but will be discovered in the laboratories of the future in about 10 years. You and others understand the transfer of the energy of the crystal frequencies in the healing work, but this transfer can be harnessed to generate  energy for other uses. Those who grasp the Divine Code and the Fibonacci frequencies will begin to discover how, through the use of sound and position and conscious activation of the code and frequencies , to reverse damage to the Earth in the same way that you have begun to discover this in the healing work. Meditating and continually activating the Divine Code in the core of the Earth and in all of the elements will support the resilience and regeneration power of the Earth and all of Nature. All students of energy healing will learn this from you and you will make these meditations and techniques widely available to all of your students and to the general public who are inclined to help themselves, the Earth and Humanity.

To all of you who are reading this, the above mentioned meditations will be forthcoming within the next few months as they are being developed and channeled. Please make sure to subscribe to the website mailing list and visit both the Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing, and The Wilcox Center for Psychotherapy and the Healing Arts pages on Facebook.