It has been  wonderful to hear the experiences of the students who took Reiki I with Sheila last month as they practice and explore their new found ability to support and heal themselves and others with what they have learned. They are all emerging Light Workers! One student has shared how just putting her hands on her temples has relieved her migraine pain and made it less intense. Another shared how he has been helping friends with their physical aches and pains by doing hands on. Two students have been offering Reiki to their animal friends as well. It is so much fun to see their excitement and wonder as they discover that they really can do energy healing.

As we move into August and begin to gear up for the fall, the first Wilcox Center offering is Reiki II, which is coming up on Saturday August 23 with Sheila O. Panza, our resident Reiki Master and teacher. I know the amazement I experienced years ago as I learned the skills of Reiki II and discovered the wonders of sending healing energy to those who needed it who were far away from me. The healing energy knows no boundaries and this is one of the major discoveries and experiences of the Reiki II training and attunements.  If you have taken Reiki I and want to take the next step jump on this opportunity to learn Reiki II and fill up yourself up with the light and energy of the day long course with Sheila. It is a great way to wind up the summer and gear up for all of the activity that comes along at the beginning of September and into the fall.