As we approach the dawn of a New Year many of us are looking back over what we have and have not accomplished in the past year. So often we set New Year’s resolutions and find that by February we have lost sight of them and have not even begun to create what we need to support and manifest them. So….what is the trick to creating and successfully manifesting our resolutions?

Creating a successful resolution starts with contemplation of what we truly value. How often have you said “I want to lose 10 pounds this year”, or “ I want to find the perfect relationship this year”, or “I want to find a new job that pays me more money and gives me more time to relax and enjoy my life”? Then nothing happens. There is a big difference between wanting something and creating it in our lives. The strongest resolutions are essentially those that fully and completely resonate with our innermost values—our core values. If we set resolutions that are in any way at odds with what we, at the deepest level of our heart want, then we will struggle within ourselves to do what we need to to make those resolutions happen. For instance, if we are ambivalent about true intimacy and commitment in relationship then we must resolve that ambivalence before we can attract the perfect partner. For each possible resolution we need to ask ourselves, “Is this something I really want to manifest in my life?” “Are there any issues I have that I need to clear or work through before I can manifest this?” This takes some serious inner contemplation and honesty with self.

So, what happens if we decide this is what we truly want, but we know we have some issues to move through before we can manifest it? It is important to understand that when we make the commitment to this resolution the Law of Attraction steps into play and this resolution is already happening in Consciousness as we say with commitment and conviction “I want _____” . Once this intention is launched then the Creative Power of the Universe will do everything possible to close the gap between where we are now and the full manifestation of that intention. That includes bringing those obstacles or issues up in front of us for us to resolve, learn our lessons and take the next step toward our goal. What happens for many of us is that we stop at the obstacles rather than moving through them, so we never achieve the intention of our resolutions. We add another failure to our list and we give up because we think “Oh, this is too hard.” If we choose to commit to a resolution that resonates with our core values then we will be more motivated to move through the obstacles to attain it—– but, we must understand that moving through the obstacles is part of the process.

Another trick to creating successful resolutions is the language we use to state them. One of the biggest secrets to success is using Law of Attraction language. In other words every intention, goal and action plan needs to be stated in positive present language. If you are wanting to lose 10 pounds in the next year then the statement would be: “I am at my perfect weight of____ (fill in your perfect weight).” If you are wanting that perfect relationship the statement would be: “I am enjoying being in an intimate and loving relationship with my partner who is (fill in the qualities of the person of your dreams).” If you are wanting the perfect job your statement would be: “I am excited and happy now that I am working in a job that uses all my talents, pays me well (you can add your target salary), and allows me time to enjoy my life.” While you are making these statements visualize and feel yourself experiencing them right now. This is another of the secrets of successful resolutions.

How do we then keep the momentum of our resolutions going? That is easy! Write those resolutions down. Look at them every day. Repeat them to yourself. Visualize and feel them happening—-and then be very observant to what the Creative Power of the Universe is putting in front of you each day to move you closer and closer to the successful manifestation of your resolution. To add more power to your resolutions find someone else who is serious about theirs and share together what your intentions are. Each time you speak them out the other person hears them and as they think them along with you they are also launching them into Consciousness for you! Your commitment level also goes up a notch when you become accountable to that manifestation partner for the resolutions you have created. Your partner can also be a great help in problem solving the obstacles that come up along the way and celebrating the successes you create as you move to the full manifestation of your resolution!