Keep Your Focus on the Light: Akashic Reading for Humanity 2015

Humans are so radically polarized in the camps of darkness and Light right now that we fear for all people.

The souls aligning with violence and destruction leave no windows open and must be worked on in the angelic realms to cut through the veil of darkness that they have invited by the choices they have made and their continuous intellectualization of the rightness of their choices.  Those who damage the Earth with their ignorance about the impact of their choices on the environment, creatures and fellow humans are midway between the darkest veils and the Light as the can be worked on to change their stances when they are provided accurate information about the impact of their choices on the Earth and current and future generations of all sentient beings. It is their greed and their ignorance that drives their policies and choices. Some have begun to modify their choices based on persistent evidence and cost analyses of the impact of their choices as well as the profitability of expanding to more energy efficient green technologies.  They are a hard group, but they can change.

Those who are aligned with the Light are now being asked to fast track their own growth, in order to influence humanity in all aspects of life.  There are many powerful, young humans who are going to become the researchers, teachers, engineers, builders, artists, musicians, healers and workers of the future.  Guiding them to find their passions and pursue them is the work of older Lightworkers — including their current parents, older family members, teachers and counselors.  It will not take much to inspire and guide them because they have been called to incarnate at this time in order to battle the darkness.  It is more about insuring that they develop the skills and the knowledge necessary to achieve their highest destiny.  Those of you who are recognizing yourselves as Lightworkers must never forget the children that are now entering bodies and the ones who have come in during the past 10 years.  They need you to support and encourage and teach them the life skills and the academic disciplines necessary to protect and save the Earth and future generations from total destruction.  Each of you must also sharpen your skills in your respective fields.  Many will have parallel destinies of a specific career path and a path as healers who can integrate you knowledge of Lightwork and healing into your current worldly work.  This includes empowering the Light in all endeavors and working consciously, but quietly to do this by the way you choose your  causes, your projects and the organizations you work in and/o align yourselves with.  For this reason you must all pursue still minds and open hearts. Only with a still mind can you develop the discrimination necessary to see the Path of Light before you and walk it consistently.  Only with an open heart can your intuition develop strongly enough for you to read difficult situations and choose the Light.  As you move higher in your own spiritual development the discrimination between dark and Light choices will become more subtle.  This is always the way on the Path of Light—

It is always about your progress as well as the progress of others.  There is no one in your life that is not part of supporting your progress in some way.  Even those who are negative and in the dark support you in more clearly identifying what not to choose for yourselves just by presenting the contrast that helps you to know what you don’t want, and thus be able to articulate what you do want.  Now is the time to develop steadfastness and equanimity.  Now is the time to come together and bathe in the Light in order to develop the power and strength you need spiritually to sustain you in the Lightwork.  Do not stay stuck in relationships that do not serve you in your destiny as Lightworkers.  You will only hold yourselves back and will lose your joy and your love thus snuffing out your Light.  When you are doubting yourselves seek out the wise counsel of elders in the work. Their role is to teach, guide, inspire and support you in doing what you are called to do.

The challenges of this time are intense.  Do not lose your focus on the Light.  Reach for it in all that you do and all will be well in the end.  You are already doing good work, but it is time to recognize and support each other, humanity and our Mother Earth in every way possible — it is time to tip the scales and increase the power of the Light exponentially by igniting  recognition in yourselves and others in all aspects of your lives.