Sign up for Personal Growth Teleseminar Event for Light Workers and Energy Healers for Dissolving Negative Energy on June 12, 2014.

As Light Workers and Energetic Healers we all have a tendency to absorb the energies of others in our work with them. Even when we think we have cleared out the negative energy that we have absorbed, often times there is enough of a build up of the residue of energy from the people we work with and on, the environment we are working in, and, often, the collective energy of those we identify with who are doing similar work or experiencing similar issues.

So often when we learn a particular healing approach we are told, “Oh, if you use this approach you will not take on anyone’s negative energy.” Other times we are made to feel like we are doing something wrong if we are absorbing the energy of others while we are working with them. In my opinion both comments come from a place of denial and lack of true awareness.  Some of us are very energetically sensitive and pass things through us even when we just walk into a room of people. The more we learn about how to release and dissolve what we pick up, both instantly and on a daily basis, the healthier we will be and the longer we will be able to serve in our capacities as Light Workers and Energy Healers. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It is, however, transformed.  In this teleseminar:

I share with you some powerful protocols for dissolving what we absorb.
I offer a group Shakti Swarupa energetic healing to dissolve what we are currently storing in our energetic field.
I lead us in a chakra balancing meditation to strengthen everyone on the call.

Those of you who are committed to the work you do in helping others, whether it is counseling, coaching, energetic healing, how easy it is to burn out doing the work.  We all need to learn multiple ways of Awakening releasing and dissolving what we are absorbing as we work in order to keep Year’s doing what we do to help others who so need the help. This is why I developed this teleseminar and am sharing some of my most powerful techniques……so, please take advantage of this opportunity and register for this June 12th teleseminar on “Dissolving What We Absorb: A Teleseminar for Light Workers and Energy Healers”.  Just click on the link below and register!