Shakti Swarupa post

Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing is a gift from the ancient Masters of Yoga. Shakt is the Supreme Power of Creation and Dissolution in the Universe. Swarupa is truth, or knowledge of one’s own true Self. Thus, the Shakti Swarupa Path of Healing encourages each individual to recognize and experience his or her own full potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through the dissolving of obstacles, karmic memories Cross and triggers that activate old patterns and issues. This path is solidly grounded in the ancient kundalini/chakra/nadi paradigm of Yoga.

Practitioners of Shakti Swarupa facilitate wellness and healing using an integrated combination of modalities of energetic healing that include sacred geometry, crystals and their essences, chakra balancing, body type and diet analysis, mantra and sound healing. The foundations of all of these modalities have been channeled by a team of realized Masters to the current teacher of this powerful path over the past two years. This information and the protocols for energetic healing continue to expand as the information is given and the small core group of current student/practitioners apply the ancient knowledge.

Currently only advanced energetic healers are being invited to train in this path because its comprehensive and integrated knowledge Creating demands that students be fully grounded in energetic healing work before moving to the next level of commitment as healers.

Al are welcomed onto this path as recipients of the healing work. Free introductory teleseminars and face-to-face presentations are offered on a regular basis and individual sessions can be made by contacting Dr. Judith Wilcox by phone: 203-483-3140, e-mail, or through Facebook messaging.

All Shakti Swarupa work can be fully experienced both face-to-face or over the phone. You are invited to register for upcoming teleseminars or energetc healing packages by visiting our calendar page.