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Akashic Readings

Keep Your Focus on the Light

Keep Your Focus on the Light: Akashic Reading for Humanity 2015

Humans are so radically polarized in the camps of darkness and Light right now

that we fear for all people.  The souls aligning with violence and destruction leave no windows open and must be worked on in the angelic realms to cut through the veil of darkness that they have invited by the choices they have made and their continuous intellectualization of the rightness of their choices.  Those who damage the Earth with their ignorance about the impact of their choices on the environment, creatures and fellow humans are midway between the darkest veils and the Light as the can be worked on to change their stances when they are provided accurate information about the impact of their choices on the Earth and current and future generations of all sentient beings. 

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Akashic Readings

Akashic Record Reading for Mother Earth

Recently I offered a day long workshop for Lightworkers to assist them in focusing in on their work and their destiny. As a preparation for this workshop I do Akashic Record Readings for Mother Earth, Humanity as a whole, and each of the participants in the workshop. This is an extremely powerful process of entering the Akashic Records for each and asking specific questions of their record keepers in reference to their roles as Lightworkers and what work they have ahead of them, both in fulfilling the roles and moving through any obstacles.

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Shakti Swarupa

Self Care with Energetic Healing and Meditation

With the beginning of September comes an almost archetypal expectation of new beginnings as so many of us associate this time with beginning a new school year. As Nature begins her winding down of the lushness of summer and the local farmers here in CT are offering mums and the first batches of winter squashes and gearing up for Halloween and the pumpkin season we are beginning to bid farewell to the lazy days of summer.  After taking the past month off to recover from surgery, I too am gearing up for the fall and a return to more activity here at The Wilcox Center for Psychotherapy and the Healing Arts.

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Reiki II is Coming Up in August!

It has been  wonderful to hear the experiences of the students who took Reiki I with Sheila last month as they practice and explore their new found ability to support and heal themselves and others with what they have learned. They are all emerging Light Workers! One student has shared how just putting her hands on her temples has relieved her migraine pain and made it less intense. Another shared how he has been helping friends with their physical aches and pains by doing hands on. Two students have been offering Reiki to their animal friends as well. It is so much fun to see their excitement and wonder as they discover that they really can do energy healing.

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