There is much to be healed from here in the US as we move into a transition between the current President and the President Elect. The past 5-6 years have bred an atmosphere of extreme division that has fostered abusive rhetoric, hurt, anger and fear on both sides of the political spectrum. So how do we begin when people have become so polarized that they fear engaging with those who hold different views?

Develop Kindness, Openness and Understanding

We must have some kindness, openness and understanding on both sides. Many people have adopted an attitude of abusiveness rather than willingness to understand each other. One portion of the population believe they have experienced economic benefits from the Trump presidency. For many others the opposite has occurred. For many others his poor handling of the pandemic from the outset, has caused illness, death, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of their businesses, and for the longhauler COVID survivors, a mess of very serious chronic health issues. Trump’s inciting of hatred and violence toward women, Blacks, Hispanics, Immigrants, and anyone who disagrees with him has shut the door to problem solving and collaboration… has blocked kindness and compassion. The dialogue for the past four years has been awful, scary, disrespectful and really hurtful…..and now hardly exists, because many on both sides are afraid to begin looking at how to work together to solve the problems we are all experiencing.

Become a Part of the Solution

Each of us needs to search our heart and soul for what it is we have done to perpetuate the problem and be open to starting over. If we continue to shut down from fear of being put down, rather than beginning to look at what our common goals are we will have a rough time moving beyond the fear and anger. There was a time in this country where we could all calmly and openly discuss, agree to disagree, and maybe brainstorm how to solve problems personally and on a larger scale. That has been destroyed in the past four years and we need to check ourselves and find that common ground for the good of humanity, diversity, the Earth we live on and are responsible for, and the global community that we are a part of. Look for the common ground….even if it is fear of the future, even if it is trying to understand our individual reactions to the trauma of a pandemic that has killed millions around the world and is still killing people, even if it is love for liberty and hope for a peaceful, prosperous and healthy future. We must drop the name calling, blaming and shaming and start over with identifying problems that we can all agree need solutions. We must become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Recognize Our Fears, Defensive Actions and Choose Change

Some questions to ask of ourselves before launching into the attempt to build a bridge over the chasm of trauma and intimidation that has developed might well be:
1. What are the fears I have that have led to defensive and abusive words and behaviors that have turned my opponents into enemies?
2. How have these fears become such huge obstacles in my own heart to overcoming them and being kind and respectful while still exploring my own values and differences with others?
3. How can I begin to come from the heart of kindness and patience even when I disagree? What behaviors do I need to stop doing, what words do I need to stop using that are blocking the way out of this chasm of negativity and darkness?
4. What are the first actions I can take to build a bridge rather than a wall?

Sit in the Heart of Stillness and Listen

I don’t have all the solutions any more than any of you do. I only know that when we can sit within the heart of stillness and listen openly to ourselves and others, we can begin to see the pathways to honoring, loving and respecting those who differ in opinions, beliefs, values, culture and lifestyle. For me, access to that stillness and inner voice comes from meditation practice. Deep within we all want happiness, peace, prosperity, love and respect from others in our lives. So……let the healing begin from within and take the first steps to understanding ourselves and those around us. Start now. Start today. Transformation is hard. It takes work. In the end we can turn the bricks of the walls into the building blocks of the bridges to communication and collaboration in manifesting a better future.

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